Hunting Photo Gallery

Houdini's Man O' War
Houdini's Man O' War - Buster
North Dakota, October, 2006

Mollipop retrieving a bird

Lacey with bird

Rusty Owned by Ryan Barberi

Daniel Pirkl and Ellie of Blooming Prarie, MN with a pair of Roosters.

Dr. Mike Willis and Luna with a Montana Pheasant sporting a 25" tail.

Jeb Owned by Daniel Johnson of Mississippi.

Annie on her first Grouse Point at 7 months old. Owned by Glen Uphold.

Willow Owned by: John Ratti

Houdini's Elle Mae pointing a bird wing at 7 weeks
Owned by: Patty Maxwell of New York

Booker and Dr. Mike Willis of Montana.

Luna Owned by Dr. Mike Willis of Montana



Biskit on Birds Owned by: John Halbeisen.

Ivy owned by John Zak of Vermont

Kaitlyn and Alana Moody with Holly & Abbey
Houdini's Noble Hank point planted birds

Houdini's Casey Bondhu owned by Dennis Mackey, Idaho

Sadie's Bondhu Houdini Owned by John Ratti of Moscow, ID

Sauger and Brian, SD

Cash on his first hunt in Iowa

Tom with Bailey and Crawdad



Haley (Lady/Sonny pup)

Tara and Bailey

Paul and Red
Addie on Point
Addie on Point
Dan and Jasper
Dan and Jasper
Sophie & Paul
Sophie & Paul

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