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Halle and Derby - "New Friends"
Lakeville, Minnesota

Whenever we walk Derby around our neighborhood, people stop us and ask what kind of dog he is. People are constantly telling us he is beautiful and so well behaved - and they're right! He's a perfect gentleman in the house but loves to tear it up with the kids in the backyard. He has been the best therapy we have tried for our son with Cerebral Palsy. Although it is difficult for him to crawl, he plays "puppies" with Derby and they chase each other through the living room. He is a joy to have as a part of our family. We just wish we could have gotten him sooner!


Sauger is doing great! And we are very happy with him so far. He is mild-mannered with a relatively moderate disposition, and you can really see his brain working to figure out problems (this is especially fun to watch). His ticking is really coming out, and he is almost at the point where can outrun me. He is very close to being house trained, has learned “no”, and generally understands his name (unless, of course he is pre-occupied with a leaf blowing across the yard). Anyhow, we wanted to thank you again for a great pup, and great puppy-buying experience. He has already far surpassed our expectations, and is making puppy hood a breeze for us.

Brian D. S. Graeb
Brookings, SD



Miss Tootsie

Just a short note to tell you how much we love Miss Tootsie. She is the sweetest puppy and has settled right in. She loves to play and explore the backyard….that’s where I got in the poison ivy. She is almost on a schedule…there is one accident per day. That’s not too bad. She is really growing. We think she is the prettiest and cutest puppy there is and we are so happy to have her. We’ll send more pictures soon. Thanks again for all you did to help us!

Mary and Randy
Atlanta, GA

(A Casey/Wind'em pup)

I thought you might like to see a picture of the pup I purchased from you. This is Rowdy, the name my family gave him. He's now 4 months old and doing fine.

This is his favorite place to hang out on our back porch. I haven't started training him yet. I'm just letting him enjoy being a puppy.

My family really enjoys Rowdy. He's actually captured the heart of my wife Caren, who has never allowed a dog in the house until now. Thanks for giving us such a good pup and such a pleasant experience with Houdini Llewellin Setters.

Wally Goodman
Austin, Texas


My little Bess just finished her first season with flying colors. She is the birdiest, most eager hunter, I have ever seen. Despite her youth, (19 month old) she is focused and very serious about her hunting. She has a great nose and staunch point. We live in North Carolina, so she has limited opportunities to hunt pheasant. Nevertheless, she was getting pretty competent on pheasant by the end of the season. She has no trouble at all with quail, sharp-tail grouse or prairie chickens. Her stamina amazes me. She runs very hard (as puppies are prone to do) but can go for a surprisingly long time. She ranges nicely in the field and is very attentive and easy to control.

On top of all these good hunting qualities, she is a wonderful pet and companion. She is always happy and loves everybody. Unlike many young setters, she is remarkably calm.

David Ennis
North Carolina


Holly is 9 months old already. Since picking her up she has been busy puppy. Holly has completed puppy preschool & canine good citizen training. She has also began her hunting dog training. Holly is the smartest, fastest, most energetic dog we have ever owned. She is an absolute joy and will be a great hunting companion.

Holly has only begun her hunting training - being introduced to birds (pigeons) and gun (firing blanks). I have been working on whoa using a barrel she does very well with this (although I should have never taught her to sit!), I just started using the training lead wrapped around her hind quarters to whoa on foot and using the training lead for quartering. Holly has pointed a few planted birds, she fetches and retrieves to hand with her ball, and she is crate trained.

Nicole Robinson


Here is a picture of Henry on the 4th of July in Reno, Nevada. He’s growing fast and is becoming a beautiful dog. He has been a very special addition to our family and we are so happy we found you that day. Everyone who meets Henry thinks he’s “so dang cute”. Sweet, fun, loving, busy and hungry is Henry.

We will love him for many years to come.

Much love from Henry and many thanks from Trudy & Ed


When we started looking for our new puppy we weren't only looking for a dog that could hunt, but also a dog that would be a good family pet and one that our kids could handle during walks and helping take care of it. Our vet recommended the Llewellin Setter. He had recently gotten one from Houdini Llewellins and was very happy with it. We went ahead and ordered our puppy without knowing much about the breed. Lola has become a great part of our family. We've had her for a year and a half now. Our kids can walk and handle her easily because she is a nice medium size of 30 lbs. She has a strong instinct for hunting. When I walk her (without a leash), she is always pointing at birds. She almost becomes a different dog when she is outdoors being more playful and chasing even bugs! She is content inside the house or out in the yard. We were surprised at how quiet she is. She won't bark at the door or even when she is left in a bedroom by mistake! Lola loves to cuddle but can also be independent if we are busy. She also loves to play with other dogs no matter their size. There isn't much that will scare her, not even fireworks, which she loves to watch light up in the sky while sitting on our lap. Lola is a joy to have in our family. People who meet her are always telling us how beautiful and how good and obedient she is.

Arizona Blac Gable
Arizona Blac Gable


My name is Karyn and I purchased a male pup. I named him "Arizona Blac Gable".
I had first pick of the males from the litter and I am certain I got just that.....the pick of the litter.
Gabe is the birdiest dog I have ever owned.....his interest even extends to birds on TV. He is a very smart dog and I often have trouble out smarting him. He has the sweetest nature and yet he is a fireball of energy and playfulness. Gabe is my first Llewellin Setter......
I would recommend the Houdini line of this breed to anyone who wants a loving friend and good hunting partner.


I am writing to you to thank you for such a wonderful dog. My Tess (Casey/Wind’em pup) is fantastic hunting dog and a great companion. Her full name is “Firecracker Tess’er” and what a firecracker she is when hunting and yet docile around the house. She has all the right things, good nose, stamina, ranges perfect, wider in the field and closer in the grouse woods. I wish you could have been there when she was a pup and bumped her first grouse, man she just “turned on”. It was fun to watch, she sure has a natural bird desire in her. Thank you again for such a great dog, I will be back for another when I feel the need for another.

Randy Peterson
Minneapolis, MN

Here's my little setter Triple at 9 months. On point on quail in SW Kansas.

She is tall, long legged and fast, much more so than several other Llewellins owned by friends and hunting buddies. She has done well and is finding and holding birds as well as my 12 year old pointer, although she still has a lot more wasted motion. She is much taller than the others.

She has been hunting a total of about 20 days this season, all day. Not gunshy in any manner, not affected by the cold, and is bold. Very affectionate. Extremely hard driving and intense. When we let the dogs out of the trailer and are getting ready if I take my eyes off her, she is already 100 yards away while the other dogs are still milling around. . I have to use an e collar on her, or else she is way out there. She has not gotten lost once, so has she has good direction sense.

The first day out on wild birds for her was one week after the pheasant opener in SoDak and her first bird was a rooster and she stopped from 20 ft away and held. I was opposite to her and came in and the bird was trapped, flushed and shot. She got a number of other points and did well.

I had her out twice before the season on half days with released quail. After the first couple birds, she settled in and was into solid bird dog behavior.

Definitely not a plodder. She has a bounce when she works and she gets up on her hind legs and stands and looks for me....kind of cute.

Anyway. I thought I would brag a little, you are probably used to it.

See you at Pheasant Fest in Des Moines if you are going.

Bruce Day


More references available upon request, contact Randy via the Contact Form


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